Social Media Workshops

“Social media is the most important advancement in human communication since the printing press.” ~ Paul Edward Graham, New Media Specialist in Washington State, USA


We are living during a time of profound transformation that is affecting the ways we communicate with large groups of people. Thanks to the internet, and connectivity power of global social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube,  we literally have the ability to function as our own little media outlets.

Social media offers the benefits offered through community and relationship building that last long after a specific campaign or event is over. Facebook groups and other Social Media forums give people a way to connect with like-minded others, friends, and families all over the planet on behalf of a shared vision.

When we understand how to use social media as a pro-active community building tool (for a campaign whose indirect purpose is to raise awareness and/or money), we realize the incalculable value of our “friends and followers.”

More than 84% of people below age 40 now get their news through social media. The legacy media is dying, and the only group that still remains loyal to this media form is the Baby Boomer demographic.

But, Boomers are aging, retiring, and becoming more isolated and they’re turning to social media. Studies have shown that, when properly used, social media enhances people’s lives. Not only does it offer infinite opportunities to learn about new subjects, places, & businesses, social media also offers folks of all ages the opportunities to connect with new friends around the world.

Our Social Media Workshops Include:

Social Media Bootcamp ~ The bare-bones basics to get your crew up and operating on Twitter or Facebook. Learn all about hashtags, how to create a trend on Twitter, and how to develop and grow friends/followers lists.

Social Media for Seniors ~ Facebook based, customized programs for retirement communities, church groups, and social organizations. Special focus on safety and security.

Social Media Activism and Fundraising ~ We have worked on two of the most powerful social media campaigns in history: Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, and Standing Rock’s NoDAPL program, and are honored to be able to share what we have learned with others.

To learn more about how we can help you learn the wonderful world of Social Media, contact us today!