Social Media Training

The power to reach infinite numbers of people through social media is a profound gift from God, and is based on many sacred universal laws concerning abundance, relationship, forgiveness, healing, regeneration, and expansion. We see these laws in Sacred Geometry.

In sacred geometry, the interlocking helix shows circles of community and knowledge, connected with others into infinity.


Jesus demonstrated the laws of multiplication through his practice of turning only a few fish and loaves of bread into meals that fed thousands of people. He also used sacred geometry and the law of multiplication in developing his ministry. He chose 12 students to whom he taught and trained to go out and teach others, who in turn would teach it to others.

It is also the way our Indigenous relatives teach one another and our children, primarily through the Clan System.



This is the way social media works. We share a Facebook or Twitter post with our friends and followers, and also with groups that are specifically created according to different interests.

We offer social media training – specializing in teaching Elders how to use Facebook first, and Twitter to those who are interested in a more fast-paced, news-oriented environment.

Contact us to find out how we can help your group learn the magic of social media.




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