Resource Index

This Resource Index is literally a Crowd-Sourced Work in Progress. And we welcome your help!

As part of our mission to provide a library of information and resources to help teach and educate people in building the New Earth, we are compiling an Alphabetized list of websites in the following areas:

  • Traditional Wisdom
  • Natural Healing
  • Plant-based diet and medicine
  • Women’s and Family history
  • Politics From a Progressive-Conservative perspective (Anti-Liberal / Neo-Lib)
  • Spirituality
  • Ascension
  • Homemaking
  • Homesteading & Off Grid Living
  • New Earth Parenting
  • Food production and preservation
  • Budgeting and Frugal living
  • Unschooling

We would appreciate receiving site suggestions that include a link and brief description. Please send them here.


Resource Index (Alphabetical)



Divine Light Phases. Lightworker, Michael Murdock shares his Ascension Journey and teaches about LightCodes & other Ascension issues.


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