HealingAndReconciliation3ReconcileTO is a social media based Spiritual activism movement created to help facilitate healing and reconciliation between Toronto’s Indigenous and Christian communities.

The movement is led by Toronto’s Matriarchs. The grandmothers and older mothers of all spiritual, faith, and healing traditions who are coming together to serve as our city’s Council of Wise Women.

Our top priority is the reconciliation and healing of the Indigenous/Christian communities, and we will be using our resources to promote and support the work already being done in this area by Indigenous groups and the various Christian denominations.

Over time, the program will begin partnering with spiritual, political and opinion leaders across Toronto who are working to open the doors to the healing and reconciliation of individual people, families, and communities of all cultural backgrounds and faith traditions.

Wise Woman Rising is honored to serve as the facilitator of Toronto’s Council of Wise Women – an all volunteer group of matriarchs joining together to effect inclusive, community-based positive social change on behalf of our children, our grandchildren, and all our descendants in the coming generations.

To learn more about the Council of Wise  Women & ReconcileTO, please visit our MeetUp Page or contact us here.

Thank you for your interest.