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We are happy to offer on this page a selection of Lessons and Stories that the Ancestors have offered to us to share. Kandace’s education includes graduate work in Women’s History and Theology – particularly women’s spiritual healing. Her education in Indigenous Traditional Healing is a great gift, provided by Grandfather Pete Keshane, Grandmother Geraldine Standup, James Carpenter, Nyle Johnston, and beloved sister Edna Carswell and the Traditional Team at Anishnawbe Health in Toronto. She is eternally grateful. With much love to all.  Chi Miigwetch for reading.

Reclaiming The Narrative

We are living during an incredible historical moment: the point of transition at which human beings around the planet are beginning to awaken to the lies and destruction of an evil Elite that exploits people and kills people, wrecks our communities, and ravages the environment. Read more here:

2017 From 40K Feet: A Wrap Up, with Gratitude and Inspiration

SpiralCloudsWell, my beloved friends – we really covered some ground in 2017, didn’t we? I am so honored and proud to be on Team-Light with each and every one of you. My great hope for 2018 is that we can awaken all of our Sleeping Loved Ones to the TRUTH of the New Narrative of Truth, Peace, and Power to the People.

We are moving from the Raging-War chapter to the Small-Skirmish chapter –>> and soon, will move into identifying and punishing the criminals. Read more here:


QAnon & President Donald Trump

QAnonTrump (1)I have been following the #QAnon Intelligence messages since July, 2016 when they first started reporting the massive corruption in the Democratic party, and the well-documented truth of a global elite who have been trafficking drugs, weapons, and human beings around the world, then using fraudulent “charities” to launder the money. Read more here:


Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

EckertPrayerAs I have grown stronger on my Medicine Walk, I have started beginning each day in prayer and worship, ritual, ceremony, music, incense, smudge, reading the words of our Spiritual Ancestors from all faith pathways, and journaling . . .

. . . which lately has become a kind of “note-taking” activity in which I Am transcribing pages and pages of notes, trying to pin down a downpour of teachings and stories from the Ancestors and the Holy Spirit that are now being poured into my conscious mind.

The impact that this intentional, daily spiritual practice has had on my healing and ascension has been incredible and has set up a powerfully transformational cycle of gratitude and grace that is touching literally everyone in my life and healing relationships and conflicts like nothing I have ever experienced.

Our wise Elders teach us that a miracle is nothing more than the transformation of fear into love. Read more here:


Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

PutOurMindsTogetherSittingBullMy teacher, Pete Keshane (a Traditional Healer from Saskatchewan who heals and teaches with Anishnawbe Health, Toronto’s Indigenous Healing Center), has given me several lessons about Cedar and some of his other medicines.

Through Pete and the other Traditional Healers at Anishnawbe Health, I learned that Cedar is one of my family’s most important medicines. So I probably should have thought about her first.

All is well though, because I have learned so much about other powerful medicines over the past two and a half years. When we open ourselves to the Healing Path of The Ancestors, they will use every opportunity, event, situation, challenge, and question to teach us the Sacred ways of the Red Path.  Read more here: 

Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds

pigeonMy teacher, James Carpenter, is a gifted healer and shaman and one of four Traditional Healers at Anishnawbe Health, Toronto’s visionary health care center dedicated to serving our city’s 70K + Indigenous relatives. People even come from Reserves hours away to see James and the AH Traditional Healing team. That’s how good they are.

Since James and I began walking together in 2016, and with the love and teachings and friendship of the entire AH community, I have learned more about Universal Truth, About God, About the importance of knowing our deep personal identities, bloodline ancestries, histories and family, About community, stewardship of the environment, And, about the ancient primordial universal symbolism expressed through all aspects of nature – plants, trees, rocks, stars, swimmers, animals, and birds – than in all my previous years on this planet.  The most powerful and intense period of healing, reconciliation, and learning I have ever experienced.

My gratitude is endless, and so it is with all honor and respect to my teacher and beloved child, James that I share his teaching about “unimportant birds.” Read more here: 

Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan) Teachings: Owl Medicine

Hoot Of Owls by Ojibwe artist, Eddy Cobiness. Image courtesy of redkettle.com

My Ani Tsiskwa (Bird Clan in  the Cherokee language) teachers have been teaching me about the true (indigenous) meanings (messages and medicine) of individual birds.

I have finally realized that my Ani Tsiskwa teachers are using my curious mind, and my skill/gift as a researcher to guide me toward subjects to help me learn my way on the Red Path. They will whisper a subject to me like a type of plant or a bird’s name, or they will repeatedly show me pictures of the same topic to show me a pathway for study.

Last week, they introduced me to Mockingbird – so I learned about mockingbirds and some of their stories and medicine. For a very long time, (more than a year), they taught me about pigeon, crow, sparrow, hawk, and eagle, turkey, turkey, grackle, and cardinal. Read more here: 


View From 40K Feet ∞ A Big Slice O’ Momma’s Best π

Our Featured Image is the Front-Door Sign of the Pie Goddess Cafe and Bakery in EnumClaw, WA.

This morning, as I was sitting with my guides and planning my day, they said: “Hey Girl – did you know today is Pi Day? Do you have ANY IDEA what that means???”

Since the day of my arrival on this planet, my motto has been, “But, what does it mean?” So, naturally I launched into high-gear research junkie mode.

Thanks to the Science and Math Heroes in our lives, most of us know March 14 is the day we celebrate the number 3.14 – known as Pi (Thanks, y’all).  But many of us (who aren’t actual ROCKET SCIENTISTS like Jesse, my homey from The Ville), don’t know a whole lot about the multi-facted miracle of Pi.

The folks at Pi Day dot Org have gathered up the Science & Math basics -> Here’s a starting point for your education about π and Pi Day. But, Pi goes well beyond the realm of Science and Math into virtually every aspect of our lives here on Planet Earth – from perfect symmetry in the Created World, to powerful Metaphysical Truths and Universal Laws. Read more here: 


Music Medicine: I Am The Light Of My Soul

This morning, as I was working to prepare my friend, Melissa Teague’s excellent article on emotional and spiritual healing for publication, Spirit gave me this incredible gift of musical medicine:

Bliss - I am the light of my soul
Bliss ~ Sirgun Kaur & Sat Darshan Singh ~ I am the light of my soul

Snatam Kaur is an American-born citizen of the world who uses her powerful musical gifts to teach and heal people of all faith backgrounds. In this beautiful song, Snatam is joined by Sat Darshan Singh, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and musician “who has spent his entire life surrounded by the Aquarian Sadhana.” 

The duet that these two brilliant teachers and healers have created in “Bliss – I Am The Light of My Soul,” has the power to crack open the most stubborn, hard places in our hearts and opens us up to God’s pure healing light. Read more and listen to this beautiful, healing song here:

Medicine Women: Mother is Calling


The Grandmothers have spoken. The time has come.

The Great Mother is calling us to our work awakening her sleeping children and helping them heal, so together we will heal our home and our families. Today’s Music Medicine is “Machi,” a beautiful song of praise and worship of our Mother Earth and her healing powers by Peia Luzzi, a Shaman and Medicine Woman who  preserves, protects, and reconnects us to the Indigenous healing sounds (Songs) of our people around the world. Many thanks to Peia and the gifts of love and healing she gives to us all. Please visit her website and support her important work. 

Peia explains that “‘Machi’ is a song celebrating the healing power and medicine of Woman, the Moon and the Earth Herself. A Machi is a medicine woman and sometimes also refers to a medicine man. Read more here: 

Obstacles on our Path

JamesThe great poet Rumi teaches us it is much more powerful to seek to remove the blockages keeping us from experiencing love than it is to search outside ourselves.

This teaching applies to our own personal growth and development and to organizations, communities, and families alike. When we encounter obstructions or blockages along our paths, these are due to two general situations.

Another person / organization blocks us or throws/leads us off our path. This will happen to us when we are needing lessons in Spiritual strength and discipline.

When we are focused and clear and grounded – we are walking in our Truth and we are not so easily knocked off our pathways. We have agreed (while still in the Spirit world) with these ones who are blocking/obstructing us to provide this service to us for the sake of our Spiritual growth and development. Read more here: 


Swimmers:LittleGirlPrayer The Gifts of Salmon

AlaskaBearSalmonRecently, the Ancestors have been telling me (over and over again) that a friend of mine needs to eat more Salmon.

On the surface, this message might make us think we’re talking about our physical food: cleaning up our diet, paying attention to where our food comes from, waking up to the toxins and poisons the g.e. has put into humanity’s food supply.

And, these are actually issues that everyone needs to awaken to and begin working to change. At this point in our history, Salmon is showing us very clearly the way the triple-headed monster of “progress” has turned all of Mother Earth’s sacred provisions for her children into toxic commodities serving only the insatiable greed of the great evil. Read more here:


We will continue to add stories to this page. Chi Miigwetch for being here with us. You are our very breath.

Wise Woman Rising is offered as a resource to help people who are awakening, and to provide information, education, and connectivity to help build the New Earth. If you would like to contribute your teachings or stories to our growing community, please get in touch.




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