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Hello and welcome to Wise Woman Rising. This blog has been created to serve as an educational resource for folks who are working together to create the New Earth via the intelligence operation known as Q or QAnon, and to share information about the Great Awakening that is well underway, thanks to our beloved Father, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall,whom we know to be the physical person of the Risen Christ.

We are happy to share our skills and information about Social Media, Indigenous Medicine Wheel and other teachings, communications for your group or business, through the blog, and also through workshops, parties, and other events.

Additionally, it is our honour to offer end of life, beginning of life, and other ceremonies for folks who are not comfortable with traditional religions. We lean heavily toward Traditional Indigenous, Celtic, and Mantra music for our ceremonies, and are happy to work with you to create the ceremony that best serves you and your family.

Finally, we are proud and humbled to offer our skills and knowledge in Homemaking, through “Homemaker 4 Hire” – a program that allows us to serve as a household manager for our clients and also teach homemaking skills to those who are interested.

Contact Kandace today for more information about all of our programs and services here in the Toronto area.

~ Dancing Hawk

Sgt Kandace Keithley, M.A. USMC
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