Kandace Keithley, Editor

KandaceSeptember2017Wise Woman Rising is managed and edited by Toronto-based writer, Kandace Keithley.

Discovered during her graduate work in Women’s History at the University of Alberta, Kandace’s primary interest has been exploring and promoting the importance of Women’s Traditional Knowledge and Labour that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Wise Woman Rising pulls together Kandace’s studies in the areas of Women’s Social History, Family History, Folkways, Home Making, Progressive & Conservative Politics, Theology, Religion, Spirituality, And Indigenous Healing & Regeneration, and offers readers & contributors a forum for learning powerful historical truths, wisdom, & knowledge.

Through the Editor’s Journal, Kandace shares insights, stories, and updates about the profound, global, changes happening around the world as humanity works together to create the New Earth. Editor’s Journal also covers Kandace’s own healing journey, brought to a powerful crescendo through a life-changing Dark Night of the Soul. Now in the late recovery / early healing stages, she is honored to share her experiences in hopes  that doing so may help and inspire others.

Kandace also provides writing and communications services to people and small businesses in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario. Learn more about how Kandace can help tell your story here.

Thank you for your interest in Wise Woman Rising. If you’re a writer interested in contributing an article, or have links to suggest for our Resource Index, please contact us.










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