The Grandmothers & Council of Seven

Wise Woman Rising is proud to be a sponsor of #TheGrandmothers and their fraternal organization, The Council of Seven, #CO7.

We are managing communications for the advocacy and activism work these groups of Elders are doing on behalf of the Indigenous and disenfranchised communities in Toronto and across Ontario; and, are welcoming women and men from all cultural backgrounds to join us as we begin to develop this important teaching and community building organization.

Please contact us if you are an worker who has been abused by a manager or leader of any agency or organization who is serving the Indigenous and/or disenfranchised community. We will advocate for you and help you navigate the process of filing formal complaints and reporting to the proper authorities. We are here to protect and serve #AllOurRelations, whose identities we keep in the highest confidence.


We are happy to discuss our work with members of the media who support the Indigenous community and the Indigenous worldview, as well as the disenfranchised and hurting people across our province.

Please send us a message about your story and we will do our best to find the right sources and information for you. Thank you so much for walking with us.

We are in the process of organizing a job corps which will provide ways for our disenfranchised brothers and sisters to earn income through supporting our communities in tangible, material ways. Some of our first initiatives include finding dog walkers and pet sitters, home sitters, delivery people, landscapers and snow-removal, crafters, cooks, cleaners, and builders of all sorts.


We offer social media training – particularly information sessions on QAnon and the Great Awakening – as well as fun workshops to teach folks how to use Facebook and Twitter as community building and information tools.

If you’re interested in contributing to Wise Woman Rising, Joining The Grandmothers or Council of Seven, or learning how we can help you with communications and social media training, please send us your contact information and a brief message.

It is our intention to respond within 24 hours.

Chi Miigwetch

Wise Woman Rising is offered as a resource to help people who are awakening, and to provide information, education, and connectivity to help build the New Earth. If you would like to contribute your teachings or stories to our growing community, please get in touch.


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