The Grandmothers of Tkaronto: Message for the Chosen ones of the #7thFire

As prophesied, Tkaronto’s “elders” have become dependent as babies on handouts from the great evil, overtaken by the Jezebel spirits of greed, jealousy, arrogance, and competition. They have fallen prey to our colonizers and are now functioning as agents of our oppressors – standing against our people, wasting money intended to help the people, abusing them, and further destroying our people for their own ego and ambitions. Continue reading The Grandmothers of Tkaronto: Message for the Chosen ones of the #7thFire

Toronto Alt-Ed Pioneer Dr. Liam Rodrigues joins The Grandmothers, rallies SEED students in “HandsOFF Our Anishnawbe”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tkaronto, June 5 2018 – Toronto’s powerhouse leader of the Alternative Education movement, Dr. Liam Rodrigues, the Fish Clan Elder for the Council of Seven, is standing with the Grandmothers of Toronto in their work against the colonization of the city’s Indigenous institutions and service agencies. Dr. Rodrigues is galvanizing the high school students at SEED Alternative High School to make signs … Continue reading Toronto Alt-Ed Pioneer Dr. Liam Rodrigues joins The Grandmothers, rallies SEED students in “HandsOFF Our Anishnawbe”

Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

Here in Tkaronto, Chi Miigwetch is the first word that many of us learn when we join the Anishnawbe Health Traditional Indigenous healing community. And, those of us who are taking our Medicine Walks very seriously have learned that Chi Miigwetch opens peoples’ hearts in a way that other medicines cannot. Continue reading Chi Miigwetch: The Replicating Super Power

Obstacles on our Path

When we use our Good Mind to explore and understand the obstacles in our paths (often brought to us through conflict with our brothers and sisters), then the Spirit will slowly lead us to see the blockages within our Selves – in the different quadrants of our Medicine Wheel – that are asking for our attention. Continue reading Obstacles on our Path

Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds

Because humans have forgotten that we (all of Chi Manitou’s children) are related and connected, we have begun to think we are superior to our relatives in the other families of beings. We jeer at Pigeon and call her mean names like “flying rat” instead of taking the time to get to know her and to learn her lessons. We elect leaders who allow cruel spikes on windowsills and rooftops, glass-walled skyscrapers that kill hundreds of thousands every year instead of learning how to love and live in harmony with her. Continue reading Pigeon Medicine: The Power of Unimportant Birds

Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

The Ancestors will use songs, words, numbers and animals to get our attention. They will show us the lessons they’re asking us to learn by repeatedly reminding us of an animal, bird, plant, stone, element or other Sacred gift of provision that Creator has given us for our journey here with Mother Gaia.

In this particular Medicine Walk, I have found some lessons about Cedar and am happy and honoured to share with you. Continue reading Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

Mass Light Code Activation is Underway

The Ancestors and our Sky Family are now asking all lightworkers, shamans, healers, medicine people, wayshowers, teachers, protectors, and all the good people of the bear, bird, and wolf clans to learn about and help bring in the light codes for the New Earth.

Bringing in the codes requires that we use them as much as possible, integrate them into our daily lives and interactions, and teach our children about them.

That means, we are scheduling meetings and appointments to begin at 11, 22, 33, 44 & 55 minutes after the hour. We are giving money gifts to our children and other loved ones in the amounts of $11.11, $22.22, $33, 33. etc.

Here are search results for “Light Code Activation” provided by all the GOODness and GOOD people at Google.

Continue reading “Mass Light Code Activation is Underway”