About Wise Woman Rising

Wise Woman Rising is the culmination of my decades of scholarship in the areas of women’s and working class social history, women’s spirituality, theology (Christ consciousness, prophecies, mysticism & pastoral care), world religions, Jungian psychology, anthropology, folkways, and Indigenous healing, culture, and medicine.

And Shamanism.

The subject matter reflects my identity as the great granddaughter of both Trail of Tears Cherokee people and Oklahoma Land Run homesteaders – offering information, teachings, stories, wisdom and news from both the Indigenous and Settler perspectives.

As I was sorting through the various ways I could help teach people the Truth, the Old Ways we so desperately need to remember, the Great Spirit helped me see that a Blog offers a great framework from which to cover many different topics, and over time can be grown into a larger publication.

Wise Woman Rising is offered as an educational resource for everyone who is helping to build the New Earth, and it is dedicated entirely (as is everything I do) to my two sons, Iain and Peter – and to all the children who come after, from all four corners of the Medicine Wheel.


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