Smoke Signals


Our communications consulting program, Smoke Signals, is based on Universal Spiritual Law and the Indigenous Worldview to help our small business clients better understand the ways they’re communicating and the nature of the stories they’re telling.

Kandace provides comprehensive reviews of programs, systems, and communications strategies to ensure alignment with the Spirit-led Indigenous worldview, and make recommendations to help our clients move more fully onto the Red Path.

The legacy media is dying, and human society is moving away from authoritarian modes of communication (top-down, one-directional) into the circular, grassroots, community-based approaches offered by social media. More than 84% of people below age 40 now get their news through social media.

Kandace shows her clients how to create and operate customized social media channeled systems that allow them to reach ever-increasing numbers of people, and specialize in blog-based systems channeled to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.  She offers social media training for small businesses and seniors.

To learn how Kandace and her associates can help your company stay on the Red Path, tell good, strong stories, and join the crowd on social media, contact her here.