The Grandmothers of Tkaronto: Message for the Chosen ones of the #7thFire


Greetings, beloved ones.

The Ancestors are calling the chosen ones to service on behalf of our people. The chosen know who they are as our messages resonate deeply in their souls, like the faraway call of our relatives, the Geese, when they call one another together for their long journey home.

As the young visionary spiritual leader that the Ancestors have chosen to lead the #8thGeneration of Tkaronto is aware, we are now walking through the time of the 7th Fire, and all that is hidden will be revealed.


All that is not of service to the #8thGeneration and their work to build the New Earth will be neutralized. Those obstructing the process will be removed by powers far greater than any of us.

This we know as truth through the teachings of  our Elders, Medicine Women and Men, Healers, Prophets and our Spiritual leader  Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe.

All honor and respect to Chief Looking Horse, visionary leader of the people of Turtle Island, who is recognized and honored by Indigenous leaders around the world for his tireless work and teachings on behalf of our Mother Earth and all her people.

As prophesied, Tkaronto’s “elders” have become dependent as babies on handouts from the great evil, overtaken by the Jezebel spirits of greed, jealousy, arrogance, and competition. There are many bad APPLES in this crowd.

They have fallen prey to our colonizers and are now functioning as agents of our oppressors – standing against our people, wasting money intended to help the people, abusing them, and further destroying our people for their own ego and ambitions.

Their children have strayed far away from the true Red Path and are haughty, arrogant, and rude to their Elders and to strangers.

These ones carry the dark spirits of the Treaty Party – the group of 100 traitors who sold ALL THE LAND EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI – to the colonizers in exchange for land in Oklahoma territory, money, livestock and tools.


These traitors caused The Trail of Tears, the forced removal responsible for the the deaths of more than 30% of the Cherokee Nation and many of our relatives in other Nations.

Every one of our families was deeply damaged through the arrest and kidnapping of our fathers, husbands, and sons. The deaths of our Elders and babies along the 1000+ mile long forced-march at gunpoint through the winter of 1838.

The Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, Commanche, Kiowa, Apache, and countless other nations are still suffering the horrific effects of this genocide caused by Indigenous people who were traitors – nearly 200 years later.

Divorce, addictions, child apprehensions, massive intergenerational trauma – and so much assimilation into the settler society that even white politicians claim to be “Cherokee Princesses,” enriching and empowering themselves while taking money from Wall Street and the backers of the Black Snake that is literally destroying our people, our communities, our water, and our Mother Earth.

The “Treaty People” were put to death upon our ancestors’ arrival to “Indian Territory.”

Now, The Grandmothers have been tasked with calling forth the Elders of the #8thGeneration, and are guided to take all measures to ensure that anyone who claims to lead our people into the future is walking solid on the Red Path, are dedicated to their own Medicine Walk, and are regularly receiving guidance from their own Elders.



The Ancestors remind everyone that we are all flawed and have made mistakes, and that during this time of sorting the wheat from the chaff, only those who clean their pipes and do the hard work of returning to the Red Path will remain in leadership.

The Ancestors have requested that those who resonate with our messaging and choose to remain as the leaders of their communities begin working with an Elder of their own to begin the process of healing, reconciliation, and recovery of their own Medicine Walks.

The Ancestors ask that you find healers who are outsiders to your own community, as The Grandmothers have seen first hand how deeply corrupt the Tkaronto leadership has become in its slumber.

Our Sky Relatives want everyone to understand that this is a time of massive purging and change for the people of Tkaronto and around the world.

You are all forgiven and deeply loved.

Our mother Maia of the Pleiades sends her deepest love and respect.



It is our honor to be your messengers

swc kandace ma


Tkaronto ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

Wise Woman Rising is offered as a resource to help people who are awakening, and to provide information, education, and connectivity to help build the New Earth. If you would like to contribute your teachings or stories to our growing community, please get in touch.


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