Toronto Alt-Ed Pioneer Dr. Liam Rodrigues joins The Grandmothers, rallies SEED students in “HandsOFF Our Anishnawbe”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tkaronto, June 5 2018 – Toronto’s powerhouse leader of the Alternative Education movement, Dr. Liam Rodrigues, the Fish Clan Elder for the Council of Seven, is standing with the Grandmothers of Toronto in their work against the colonization of the city’s Indigenous institutions and service agencies.

Dr. Rodrigues is galvanizing the high school students at SEED Alternative High School to make signs and attend the HandsOFF Our Anishanwbe rally, scheduled for Wednesday, June 6, 5pm, St. James Cathedral, Toronto (Cathedral Centre on Church Street).

“We feel this action offers a great opportunity to teach students about ethics-based activism, and the importance of protecting the Indigenous worldview,” explained Dr. Rodrigues, a bloodline descendant of Brazil’s Aruachi people.

“The Indigenous Elders and Medicine People at Anishnawbe Health Toronto are teaching that, during this chaotic time of the 7th Fire, it is the responsibility of descendants to surround and protect our relatives, the Original People. Toronto’s Indigenous population.

“We are committed to offering our social privilege, skills, education, and gifts to protect and advocate for Indigenous students and workers here in our community, and are dedicated to protecting, teaching and expanding the Indigenous worldview.”

Dr. Rodrigues is working with The Grandmothers of Toronto in their work to bring healing and reconciliation to people of all Four Directions through integrating the Indigenous worldview and cultural education into settler institutions: public schools, universities, seminaries, churches and hospitals

Dr. Rodrigues can be reached here.

Liam Rodrigues, MA. M.Ed. Ph.D is the father of an adult son and a bloodline descendant of the Aruachi people of Brazil. Carrying on the powerful mission of the visionaries who founded Toronto’s first Alternative High School through front-line work in the classroom, teaching English and Philosophy, mentoring teenagers, and leading the SEED and TDSB communities. Dr. Rodrigues is a curriculum specialist, focused on developing culturally responsive pedagogy, student-directed, method based learning. Leading the revolution in education that understands the power of schools to be agents of enlightened social change.