Your Mother’s Calling . . .

Prophets and mystics around the world are reporting the massive increase joy, love and peace since March 11, 2018 – the Turning-Point Day announced to the world by U.S. President Donald Trump.

The power of 311 is profound, and has opened many channels for Gaia’s people to hear her cries and begin coming together to do the hard work of reconciliation – with ourselves, our families, our bloodlines, our communities – and with our Great Mother and Father.

Cherokke-Man-WomanThe Great Father stands beside and behind Divine Mother during this sacred time of returning balance to humanity and our relationships with the creatures of the sky, earth, water, and with our plant, mineral and elemental helpers.

We are profoundly blessed to be here with one another and our Mother Earth during this most profound and joyful time in the history of Creation, and we offer this beautiful music medicine to help you and your loved ones awaken to our Great Mother’s call.

windsong-and-dadToday’s song, “Mother I Hear You,” is a beautiful and generous gift given to humanity through one of her messengers, Windsong Makani.

A’ho and Amen.

swc kandace – 03-13-18

Toronto ON Canada Turtle Island Gaia

Wise Woman Rising is offered as a resource to help people who are awakening, and to provide information, education, and connectivity to help build the New Earth. 




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