Plant Meds: Sacred Cedar

The Ancestors will use songs, words, numbers and animals to get our attention. They will show us the lessons they're asking us to learn by repeatedly reminding us of an animal, bird, plant, stone, element or other Sacred gift of provision that Creator has given us for our journey here with Mother Gaia. In this particular Medicine Walk, I have found some lessons about Cedar and am happy and honoured to share with you.


Mass Light Code Activation is Underway

Bringing in the codes requires that we use them as much as possible, integrate them into our daily lives and interactions, and teach our children about them. - swc kandace ma

The Infinite Power of Alchemy: Katy Tucker’s Profound Teaching and Healing

Around the world, people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds are awakening to the truth and power of our Spiritual Identities. The process of transforming our Selves from physical-secular oriented beings to Spiritual Beings is known as Alchemy. Wise Woman, teacher, and healer Katy Tucker offers this teaching that introduces us to Alchemy and the... Continue Reading →

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