2017 From 40K Feet: A Wrap Up, with Gratitude and Inspiration

Well, my beloved friends – we really covered some ground in 2017, didn’t we?

I am so honored and proud to be on Team-Light with each and every one of you. My great hope for 2018 is that we can awaken all of our Sleeping Loved Ones to the TRUTH of the New Narrative of Truth, Peace, and Power to the People.

We are moving from the Raging-War chapter to the Small-Skirmish chapter –>> and soon, will move into identifying and punishing the criminals.

Only AFTER we Capture, Identify, and Punish the Criminals who have caused such immense suffering and chaos over the past generations, are we able to turn our attention to:

Cleaning up our Country and beginning to create our New Society, which will…

Bring together the Warriors of Strength and Moral Conviction from the Conservative side…

. . . with the Nurturers and Creators, and Leaders in the Work for Human Goodness and Social Justice from the Progressive side.

Together, Progressives and Conservatives have won this war – against the most insidious, widespread, and longest-term period of evil in the history of humanity.

These puppets of Evil Elite globalists, directing our world toward a “New World Order” Dystopian Nightmare – based on an agenda of:

  • Depopulation via poisoning our food and water,
  • Perpetual war, Nuclear war,
  • Injecting us with Chemicals to cause Horrific, Debilitating Conditions,
  • Creating diseases like HIV, actively Promoting Abortion,
  • Indoctrinating children via institutional education & government “care” at earlier and earlier ages,
  • Destroying the Sanctity of the Private Family Home through stealing Houses and Private Property, penalizing single-earner families through the tax system, forcing families to purchase everything from basic foodstuffs to clothing and household goods from global corporations (products made by debt/income slaves in other countries),
  • . . . and, many many, other insidious, nefarious activities and “programs” – both large and nearly invisible.

We are deeply grateful for the help of all the earth creatures who gave their lives to help awaken us to the terrible state of our Mother Earth.

We are deeply grateful to all Souls who have agreed to come to Earth and express the immense depth and breadth of human suffering – victims of all sorts of Evil: war, crime, racism, bigotry, hate, jealousy, greed . . .

We thank you and honor you.

We are deeply grateful for the help of the Sky and Star beings, the Angels, Archangels, the Pleiadians, Arcturians and all the other benevolent Keepers of the Light for Creator.

Family of Light – Let us move forward in 2018, continuing our work of Awakening the Sleepers, and leading the way toward the New Earth.

Happy New Year, Beloveds. Thank you for everything.

— kandace

December 31, 2017

Toronto, Canada



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